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 Newbie Guide
 Posted: Nov 13 2014, 08:39 PM

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If I could post any slower, I'd be a fuckin' snail. You've been warned~

newbie guide

a guide to our game


Make sure you read our informational topics to ensure you know our rules, plot and the membergroup your character will be listed as. Please first register an account with your alias or the name you'd like to be known as out of character. Please don't register as your characters for you OOC account. Character accounts should be registered next as First Name Last Name and should be link as sub-accounts to your OOC account. Players must be at least eighteen years old to join RR.


After registering your OOC account and your first character account, you should post your character's application in the pending board using that character's account. The application can be found here. Please contact staff if you need any help filling it out or have any questions or ask us in our cbox!

Marking Threads

When making a thread, you can list them as either open for any other player to join or private so only listed players and characters can join. To list an open thread, please put [O] in front of the topic title to list it as an open thread and [P] to list it as a private thread. Please always list the thread's location in the topic description and other characters or players in the description as well in the case of a private thread. It's generally a good idea to search out for open threads to join first before creating a new open thread.

Editing Your Profile

To the left, you'll see your user menu. It lists your current avatar along with symbols below the avatar that explain what they are as you hover your cursor over them. Click on the wrench labeled "CTRLS" to access your user control panel. This area enables you to check and send private messages, change your profile, add an avatar or signature, and edit your privacy settings. We will let you upload your avatar here, but please use an external source (i.e. photobucket.com) to upload signatures. To link your character accounts to your OOC account, please log into your OOC account and go to your user control panel. In the left column you will see "Edit Sub-accounts". Click there and then input your character's account username and password and then click "Link This Account". Now you'll be able to quickly and easily switch through your accounts through the "Switch Account" function located at the black bar at the top os the site.

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